5. March, 2017Around Pittsburgh, News Comments Off on Pittsburgh Street Ministry 02/25/2017

Last week we had Jason Howard, Pastor at Amplify Church – City Campus and a team from Amplify …. we couldn’t have said it any better then in his own words. We are so blessed with so many amazing partners like Amplify Church and we could not provide the Gospel to so many without your help.

Jason’s post “Really awesome to drop in on one of our local missions partners tonight. Every week, a crew serves a hot meal to up to 100 homeless people on the street downtown. They’ve been there every Saturday night for 22 years- serving meals, coats, gloves, toiletry packs, and Bibles.
The best moment was when a man asked if we would pray with him to accept Jesus tonight. He lives in a tent near downtown. He can’t read but someone has been telling him about Jesus and using the Bible to teach him to read. Tonight was his first time to get food tonight from us, and when he heard some of our team talking about Jesus, he came up and asked if he could receive Jesus for himself. He’s been wanting to do this since he’s been hearing about the Bible. He received a free plate of hot food tonight, but he was in tears as he asked to receive the ultimate free gift of Jesus’ grace and forgiveness.
Me, my son, my dad and my grandma all prayed with him tonight as he met Jesus. One of the best moments ever for me.”

Photo credit Jason Howard