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Pittsburgh Street Ministry

Pittsburgh Street Ministry

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Since August of 1994, HIM has had a street ministry team serving the homeless and needy on The Boulevard of the Allies, weekly, in the City of Pittsburgh.  In these past years we have served hundreds of people.  Each person is fed a hot meal and is encouraged by our ministry team who offer positive words, fellowship and prayer.

We rejoice when we hear testimonies like Stephen, who says God answered our prayers for him to get a place to live and to get off the streets.  His faith was strengthened, and we know others are encouraged to trust and believe in God as they hear what God did for Stephen.  We serve a faithful God who cares for us and who will bless those who truly seek after Him and obey Him.

Weekly, we are feeding and ministering to approximately 90 people.  Before the hot meal is served, the word of God is shared.  The focus of preaching has been on obedience to God’s word and for each to choose to turn from the world’s ways and to walk in the ways of the Lord.  Our team of volunteers have been able to pray with almost all who come, and many have believed and confessed Jesus as their Lord.

Each week, after the feeding and ministry time is finished, our ministry team joins in intercessory prayer.  We gather in a circle and pray for God to continue to bring these people out of captivity, and for God to intervene in the lives of all who come…the homeless, the street people, and the ministry team as well.

In these past years God has answered our prayers.  Our ministry team has grown from Ken and his family to many dedicated and selfless volunteers from all around Western Pennsylvania and beyond.  These groups encompass Christians from many backgrounds including Non-Denomanational, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Baptist, and Discplices of Christ. We have several groups that are dedicated to specific date and many groups that serve a few times a year. Some groups prepare the meal and many others bring other forms of support such as sleeping bags, health care kits, blankets, hats, gloves, socks and much more. We have been blessed to to have groups that volunteer to do more than serve food. Many groups have sung Christmas carols, placed live music, given free haircuts, and served communion to name a few.

We are thankful to God for the lives that have been changed, and we will continue to proclaim the good news to all who come each week.

New Kensington Food Bank and Food Pantry

New Kensington Food Bank and Food Pantry

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Since 1999,  HIM has given over 1,500 tons of food to families in the New Kensington-Arnold area. HIM is now distributing food to 200 families monthly.  Each family also has the opportunity to receive clothing and shoes.  In addition to serving the regular monthly recipients of food, we also receive many requests a month for delivery to the homes of those who are not able to come to the distribution facility.  Each family is given encouragement in the Lord while receiving their food.  Bibles and Books of Hope are offered and given to all who desire.

The numbers of needy families has increased greatly this past year.  We thank God that we can meet the physical needs, as well as bring hope through Jesus Christ to all who receive.

We give praise to our Lord for all the volunteers who help each month and for Mount Calvary Baptist Church, New Kensington for allowing us to use their church.