Reaching Beyond Our Borders in Haiti

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H.I.M. helped Greater Works Home for Girls Orphanage and Academy in Port-Au-Prince Haiti equip their fellowship hall with 100 chairs and 20 tables .

Here is a picture of the children using the chairs we provided them.

James 1:27



H.I.M Helps Orphans In Haiti

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H.I.M. helped Greater Works Home for Girls Orphanage and Academy in Port-Au-Prince Haiti equip their fellowship hall with 100 chairs and 20 tables .

The ministry celebrated Flag Day on May 18th 2016 and were able to utilize the greatly needed chairs.

In the past large gatherings required that chairs and tables would have to be rented which was typically not possible due to the great expense.

We believe the chairs and tables will enable the ministry to be more effective and that all who use these facilities will be blessed by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

James 1:27



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HIM has been supporting the Shock Family in China.  The Shocks are foster parents for many needy children who are in transition between orphanage care and adoption placement.

The Shocks oversee Hope’s House, a foster care network home that takes orphans in to nurse them to health, all while pouring the love of Jesus into these needy children.

HIM will continue to support the Shock family and believes that many lives will be changed through the Shocks. Please pray for protection and provision for the Shock Family as they care for these needy children and spread the Gospel message in a country where they can be arrested for sharing their faith.

HIM also partners with another ministry who sends Bibles into China. We believe that God’s word will cause people to believe in Jesus Christ.

Visit to Ocna Mores, Romania to minister at the Good Samaritain Mission

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In September 2001 Gina and I went to Ocna Mores, Romania to minister at the Good Samaritain Mission.  Good Samaritain Mission currently reaches people for Christ in four villages… Ciunga, MicoSlaca, VeresMort, and Ocna Mores by daily providing a hot meal for all children who wish to come.  First the word of God is taught and then the meal is served.

These villages are poverty stricken areas where people live with very limited resources.  We also were able to minister in a gypsy village called Silivas.  This village is approximately 10 miles from the main village of Ocna Mores.  The families live in mud huts which have no protection from inclement weather, no running water or sanitary facilities.  Many of the children were naked prior to Good Samaritain bringing clothes and goods to this village.

We took food, which included huge loaves of bread.

I shared a short message about Jesus being the “bread of life” and that as we gave the bread to them freely, that Jesus would also freely give eternal life.  The people were very receptive to the Gospel.

Gina and I were also able to minister to 36 children in the orphanage which Good Samaritain operates.

We were able to pour much love in the children at the orphanage. We interacted with children as they were being fed, we played ball and rode bikes, we joined in reading bible stories, praying and singing worship songs to the Lord.

We were very blessed to spend this time pouring the love of the Lord into these children.

We could vividly see the Lord working in the lives of these abandoned children.  The children are receiving a foundation of faith.  Their futures spiritually will be positive because of the excellent job the orphanage is doing at training the children in the ways of the Lord.

Our hearts were torn when we had to leave Romania because we wanted to be able to offer these children a better life.

Ken Howard’s Goal and Vision for HIIM

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My goal and vision last year was that we would be able to begin fulfilling James 1:27 by reaching and helping the needy and orphans.  We certainly did meet the Lord face to face as we touched the lives of the needy children.

We will believe God to touch the lives of more orphans and needy in the upcoming year and will continue to reach as many needy people on the streets of Pittsburgh and New Kensington with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

1 Tim 6:18 says “let them do good, that they may be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come that they may lay hold of eternal life.”

Please keep us in your prayers for God’s will to be unveiled, that we may be faithful to 1 Tim 6:18 and fulfill the plan and purpose of God in this upcoming year.