Ken Howard’s Goal and Vision

Pittsburgh Street Ministry & New Kensington Food Bank and Food Pantry

My goal and vision is that we can minister effectively to each person weekly at the Pittsburgh Street Ministry Outreach,and monthly at the New Kensington Food Bank and Food Pantry.  I believe for many lives to be transformed and changed for the positive by people coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  We pray that all that come will make a commitment to Jesus Christ and will choose to make Him the Lord of their lives.  We believe that each one will be set free from Poverty, Addictions and Homelessness.

I believe for our ministry volunteers and teams that each person will be encouraged in their faith and that their families and churches will grow stronger and closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Prov 19:17 “He who gives to the poor lends to the Lord.”  I pray God will reward our volunteers with great blessings.

I believe we will be able to reach many more people with the gospel message of Jesus Christ as we are faithful to be generous to the needy.

Foreign Mission

My goal is that God will make provisions for and open the door for us to minister to many needy children and families in foreign lands.  Our last mission trip was to Romania in 2001.  I believe God wants us to fulfill James 1:27 by reaching and helping orphans.

We will continue to send bibles to China and to sponsor the Shock Family as they minister to children in China.

I believe that one day my daughter will return with me to China to minister to needy children and orphans.

Disaster Relief

I believe God wants us to minister to people who have been devastated by disasters.  In 1994 when God showed me to start the ministry the first thing I was led to do was to meet the needs of people in distress by giving them what they needed or helping them in their distress.

Over the past years we have been privileged to minister to the flood victims in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and in Bilouxi, Mississippi.  My desire is to be available to go as the Lord opens the doors to meet the needs of disaster victims.

Our ultimate goal is that in all we do our lives are bringing glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and that all of the people we meet will come to faith in our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.