Our Mission

To Feed
To Clothe
To Rehabilitate
To Be The Difference


You Can Help Be The Difference For Our Homeless.

In April of 1994, Ken Howard first began providing weekly food and Bible ministry door-to-door to the poor in Jeannette, Rankin, New Kensington and Braddock communities of western Pennsylvania.  Ken sought God’s guidance and felt the call to begin giving even more to those in need.  This was the birth of H.I.M., Howard International Ministries, a non-profit organization that provides food, clothing and support to the poor and needy in Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities.

H.I.M. was formed for the purpose of bringing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy through a ministry of providing food, clothing, assistance and Bibles.  The Bible proclaims in Prov. 22:9 that, “He who is generous will be Blessed for he gives some of his food to the poor.”  We at H.I.M. have been abundantly blessed as we have given to the less fortunate and needy.  We have realized that all we own belongs to Him, our one and only God and Savior Jesus Christ.  As we have given of our possessions and time we have seen many people come to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  Psalm 12:5 says, Because of the oppression of the poor and sighing of the needy, now I will arise, says the Lord.” 

We believe God has called us at H.I.M. into action as ministers of the Lord to arise and meet the needs of the oppressed and needy.  Our lives are designed to be lived to fulfill God’s Plan and are to be lived ALL for HIM by helping others.

This ministry was named H.I.M. because we realized our lives are to be lived totally for HIM (Jesus) and that we can bring many people to HIM (Jesus) by meeting the needs of the poor and needy.  It is ALL about HIM (Jesus).  We have been abundantly blessed by God since starting H.I.M.  We give God all the praise, honor and glory because he truly is worthy.


A loaf of bread is not all yours, half is to be given away.

It gives us inner peace to help people who are not only

in need,but to help people who appreciate it as well.

– Volunteers, Aida M. Spino and Dr. Danny Dibagno